Speed Limiter Rule Coming Soon

Department of Transportation has already signaled it will not continue to pursue a rulemaking to mandate the use of speed limiters in the trucking industry.
In its latest biannual update to its regulatory calendar, the DOT has moved the speed limiter mandate, at least at the moment, which was issued as a proposed rulemaking last September, to a long-term agenda item, far away from the active rulemakings list. Given the erosion of industry support for a speed limiter rule over the past year and the Trump administration’s reluctance to implement new regulations, industry stakeholders assumed the Trump DOT would drop or stall the speed limiter and actually DOT calendar confirmed those expectations.

They marked the ongoing sleep apnea screening rulemaking as withdrawn sometime in June. The rulemaking regarding sleep apnea screening for truck operators would establish protocol for which truck drivers would be required to be tested for obstructive sleep apnea during the medical certification process but it hasn’t still been indicated when it attempts to pursue such a rule.FMCSA has determined there is not enough information available to support moving forward with a rulemaking action and so the rulemaking will be withdrawn for the moment.


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