Video: 2017 Ford Pulls Disabled 176K Pound Semi

Today the clutch blew to pieces while escorting my semi in KY. We are grossed out at 176,000lbs.

To get it to a safe location – I decided to put the “Built Ford Tough” to the test. 4-Lo – diffs locked – starting on a hill. I have to say – I was BLOWN AWAY by how this truck pulled that! Never in a million years would I ever dream of hooking this to that kind of weight, but I had no choice.

Didn’t want to cause an accident. Pulled it 5 miles up and down hills. 10-12 MPH. NEVER exceeded 221 degrees on trans and 218 degrees on engine temp. I’m extremely impressed. Never will own a different truck. Some will disagree – as I did when I first thought about it. But getting off the road was the most important. #pleasedfordowner.

Matthew Bick and Connie Cubio Score: Tooth4380

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