Video: Girl Bagging For Trucker’s Attention

Use to see good stuff back in the day and funny things, kept control of our trucks so just because some of you can’t handle your truck and look out of the window at the same time it doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t, so I think he should why not? Enjoy the view. A skilled trucker can handle it! Well this woman is definitely kind of strange, and for sure she made his day..

And man if you are going to tell us: you wouldn’t look, the right person got the right answer: like you wouldn’t look… you’d change your mind if she did that next to you, don’t act like a saint! Everyone needs to go home at the end of the day, but who can avoid looking to something rare that happens? Because that was really rare. Not everyone, everyday fronts a woman doing this while you’re just doing your job… it attracts attention!

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